Scorpion Belly Rings

Scorpion symbolizes control, defensiveness, protection, transition, sex and passion. Scorpion jewelry is popular among dancers and passionate lovers as the sex dance of scorpions is full of passion, control and exotic beauty. In ancient Egypt and in Tibet scorpion amulets signify warding off evil and protection. The other symbolic meaning of scorpion is solitary and some people wear scorpion jewelry and amulets saying "Don't bother me. Let me alone." Of course there is your individual understanding and association with scorpion and now you can enjoy scorpion belly rings of your individual style. We also offer you the other trusted source of high quality and stylish scorpion belly rings in magnificent materials at the lowest prices available!

Scorpion Belly Rings: 2 items
Belly button ring with dangling scorpionBelly button ring with dangling scorpionRetail Price: $10.34Your Price: $8.99
Steel Multi Paved Scorpion Dangling Belly RingSteel Multi Paved Scorpion Dangling Belly RingRetail Price: $10.34Your Price: $8.99