Initial Belly Rings

Welcome to the magnificent collection of initial belly rings! Initial belly ring can mean not only the first letter of your name but anything you want. You can puzzle everybody with initial belly ring, be a mystery and enjoy your secret. Put any meaning in it and let everybody guess what it means. Initial belly button ring can be a perfect gift for your loved one and your friend when the chosen letter will mean something special for both of you. We are glad to offer you a wide choice of initial belly rings in variety of design and materials and recommend you to check out the other source of stylish initial navel rings. Durable and comfortable our initial jewelry for your belly will look elegant and stunning and you'll enjoy its beauty and high quality for a long time.

Initial Belly Rings: 4 items
Initial belly button ring, letter OInitial belly button ring, letter ORetail Price: $10.34Your Price: $8.99
Jeweled star belly ring with dangling jeweled letterJeweled star belly ring with dangling jeweled letterRetail Price: $9.19Your Price: $7.99
Cursive initial belly button ringCursive initial belly button ringRetail Price: $12.64Your Price: $10.99