Searching for unique and stylish piercing jewelry for your ears? Here we are to make your life easier and your outlook brighter! This collection contains the widest choice of magnificent and eye-catching tunnels for your ear as well as for nasal piercing. Unusual outlook of flesh tunnels and their shape have proved to be extremely popular and teens as well as adults all over the world choose tunnels and large ear piercing. Flesh tunnels can have completely different style depending on the material they are made of and their size. In our collection you'll undoubtedly find the tunnel meeting all your needs- we offer you all possible gauge sizes and materials for flesh tunnels at the most affordable prices. Complete your style with our high quality flesh tunnels and enjoy it!

Tunnels: 175 items
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Pair Of Internally Threaded Plugs, PinkPair Of Internally Threaded Plugs, PinkRetail Price: $12.65Your Price: $11.00
Pack Of 10 Black Rubber O-RingsPack Of 10 Black Rubber O-RingsRetail Price: $1.73Your Price: $1.50
UV Swirling Marble Hollow SaddlesUV Swirling Marble Hollow SaddlesRetail Price: $12.06Your Price: $10.49
Pair Of Surgical Steel Swirling Blade Tunnels with O-RingPair Of Surgical Steel Swirling Blade Tunnels with O-RingRetail Price: $17.24Your Price: $14.99
Gold Toned Wreath Double Flaired Tunnels, PAIRGold Toned Wreath Double Flaired Tunnels, PAIRRetail Price: $12.08Your Price: $10.50
0 gauge acrylic tunnel with threaded back0 gauge acrylic tunnel with threaded backRetail Price: $7.75Your Price: $6.74
Acrylic saddle tunnel, 6 gaAcrylic saddle tunnel, 6 gaRetail Price: $5.16Your Price: $4.49
Pair Of Organic Coconut Wood TunnelsPair Of Organic Coconut Wood TunnelsRetail Price: $17.24Your Price: $14.99
Pair of Steel Screw-Fit Rose TunnelsPair of Steel Screw-Fit Rose TunnelsRetail Price: $45.98Your Price: $39.98
Web tunnel, 8 gaWeb tunnel, 8 gaRetail Price: $3.44Your Price: $2.99