Piercing Tapers

Searching for stylish piercing jewelry to stretch your piercing? You don't have to search no more- welcome to the collection of high quality and up-to-date piercing tapers! We offer you durable tapers of various gauge sizes, designs and materials, so you could find the one perfectly fitting your piercing and your style. To get healthy and good-looking large gauge piercing, you shouldn't hurry to stretch it. Move to the next size once in two or three weeks. Check out our huge selection and enjoy our stylish horn twist tapers, tribal style tapers, classical steel tapers, elegant jeweled tapers and others at the lowest prices available.

Piercing Tapers: 208 items
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Acrylic spiral taper, 10 gaAcrylic spiral taper, 10 gaRetail Price: $7.75Your Price: $6.74
Organic tiger's eye taperOrganic tiger's eye taperRetail Price: $20.69Your Price: $17.99
4 gauge steel taper4 gauge steel taperRetail Price: $11.20Your Price: $9.74
Acrylic black marble taperAcrylic black marble taperRetail Price: $7.75Your Price: $6.74
2 gauge steel claw2 gauge steel clawRetail Price: $12.06Your Price: $10.49
Jeweled curved taper, 8 gaJeweled curved taper, 8 gaRetail Price: $12.93Your Price: $11.24
UV Holographic swirl taper, 8 gaUV Holographic swirl taper, 8 gaRetail Price: $6.89Your Price: $5.99
Snake skin print acrylic taper, 3/4" gaSnake skin print acrylic taper, 3/4" gaRetail Price: $11.20Your Price: $9.74
Pair of Acrylic leopard print taperPair of Acrylic leopard print taperRetail Price: $14.38Your Price: $12.50
Jeweled Curved Taper, 2 GaJeweled Curved Taper, 2 GaRetail Price: $9.19Your Price: $7.99
White bone spiral taperWhite bone spiral taperRetail Price: $27.59Your Price: $23.99