Searching for stylish and unique jewelry for your ear piercing? You've already found what you need! We are glad to offer you a collection of high quality talons- the piercing jewelry resembling the birds' talons and animals' claws. This unusual and close to the nature outlook is very popular nowadays. Talons can be also used to stretch your piercing to larger sizes. Special O-rings in rubber will prevent the talon from dislodging. We stock talons in variety of materials, gauge sizes and designs- classical steel talons, bright and colorful acrylic talons, unique designed curved talons are waiting for you. Enjoy high quality, durability and magnificent outlook of our talons at the lowest prices available nowadays!

Talons: 42 items
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4 gauge acrylic talon4 gauge acrylic talonRetail Price: $5.16Your Price: $4.49
Glow in dark hole expander, 4 gaGlow in dark hole expander, 4 gaRetail Price: $6.89Your Price: $5.99
0 gauge acrylic talon0 gauge acrylic talonRetail Price: $7.46Your Price: $6.49
Acrylic spiral taper, 4 gaAcrylic spiral taper, 4 gaRetail Price: $7.75Your Price: $6.74
6 gauge acrylic marble talon6 gauge acrylic marble talonRetail Price: $5.16Your Price: $4.49
Faux 0 gauge expander, 14 gaFaux 0 gauge expander, 14 gaRetail Price: $15.51Your Price: $13.49
Pair Of Spiral Earrings, 12 GaPair Of Spiral Earrings, 12 GaRetail Price: $8.61Your Price: $7.49
White bone spiral taperWhite bone spiral taperRetail Price: $27.59Your Price: $23.99
Acrylic spiral taper, 12 gaAcrylic spiral taper, 12 gaRetail Price: $7.75Your Price: $6.74
Swirled pyrex glass spiral taperSwirled pyrex glass spiral taperRetail Price: $13.79Your Price: $11.99
2 Gauge Steel Half Ball Talon - Pair2 Gauge Steel Half Ball Talon - PairRetail Price: $10.34Your Price: $8.99
0 gauge steel claw0 gauge steel clawRetail Price: $13.79Your Price: $11.99