Silicone Ball Belly Rings

We are glad to offer you unique and stylish silicone ball belly rings! Silicone is a flexible and soft material similar to rubber. It is available in many colors and our silicone ball belly button rings are available in variety of designs and all imaginable colors and their combinations. Our silicone koosh ball belly rings look sharp and spiky but they are really soft and safe to wear. Comfortable and fashionable belly rings with silicone ball come in various gauge sizes and you can enjoy their beauty and durability at the lowest prices available!

Silicone Ball Belly Rings: 6 items
Silicone koosh ball with dots belly button ringSilicone koosh ball with dots belly button ringRetail Price: $4.59Your Price: $3.99
Belly button ring with koosh ballsBelly button ring with koosh ballsRetail Price: $5.74Your Price: $4.99
Double koosh ball navel ringDouble koosh ball navel ringRetail Price: $5.74Your Price: $4.99