PVD Belly Rings

Searching for stylish and safe belly button rings in black? We are glad to offer you black line jewelry for your navel piercing- fashionable and elegant belly rings created with the PVD technology. This technology modifies the surface properties saving the biochemical functionality and properties of the underlying material. The black surface coating serves a permeation barrier making the piercing clean and safe. Our PVD belly rings look magnificent and you can enjoy their high quality, durability and beauty for many years. Variety of gauge sizes, designs and styles are waiting for you!

PVD Belly Rings: 4 items
Jeweled belly button ring with pave gem guitarJeweled belly button ring with pave gem guitarRetail Price: $10.34Your Price: $8.99
Black notched ball belly button ringBlack notched ball belly button ringRetail Price: $12.64Your Price: $10.99
Double jeweled black coated belly ringDouble jeweled black coated belly ringRetail Price: $8.04Your Price: $6.99