Searching for unique and stylish jewelry for your eyebrow or ear piercing? Here is the collection of magnificent pinchers in variety of designs, styles, materials and gauge sizes! Our pinchers look up-to-date and you can enjoy their comfort and durability. If you are fond of bright colors, we can offer you striped, beach, marble acrylic pinchers of all imaginable colors which look cheerful and funny. Unique twisted pinchers and classical steel pinchers are also to your disposal. Check out our selection of high quality and stylish pinchers and make your choice!

Pinchers: 44 items
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Glitter pyrex glass twist taper, 00 gaGlitter pyrex glass twist taper, 00 gaRetail Price: $12.93Your Price: $11.24
Marble pincher, 6 gaMarble pincher, 6 gaRetail Price: $7.46Your Price: $6.49
Acrylic buffalo, 8 gaAcrylic buffalo, 8 gaRetail Price: $5.16Your Price: $4.49
Pair Of Spiral Earrings, 12 GaPair Of Spiral Earrings, 12 GaRetail Price: $8.61Your Price: $7.49
Beach pincher, 0 gaBeach pincher, 0 gaRetail Price: $8.04Your Price: $6.99
Glitter pyrex glass twist taper, 6 gaGlitter pyrex glass twist taper, 6 gaRetail Price: $12.06Your Price: $10.49
Pack Of 10 Clear Rubber O-RingsPack Of 10 Clear Rubber O-RingsRetail Price: $1.73Your Price: $1.50
Pair of Organic bone pinchersPair of Organic bone pinchersRetail Price: $14.94Your Price: $12.99
Glow in dark hole expander, 4 gaGlow in dark hole expander, 4 gaRetail Price: $6.89Your Price: $5.99
12 gauge steel twisted pincher12 gauge steel twisted pincherRetail Price: $5.74Your Price: $4.99