Piercing Supplies and Tools

Searching for high quality piercing tools? You've already found what you need! We offer you body piercing tools and supplies in best quality stainless steel. To use the piercing tools for longer time you should take care of them. Try not to drop or strain them. Clean the tools or leave submerged in a hot soapy solution before they dry out. Don't forget to clean new tools before the use. Before you store them make sure they are sterile and dry. Creating ideal conditions and using best quality supplies and tools you'll receive reliability and confidence!

Piercing Supplies and Tools: 57 items
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10-Piece Ear Piercing Starter Kit, Optional Gauge10-Piece Ear Piercing Starter Kit, Optional GaugeRetail Price: $29.89Your Price: $25.99
Dermal Anchor Insertion Tool with GripDermal Anchor Insertion Tool with GripRetail Price: $16.09Your Price: $13.99
Sterile Cannula Piercing NeedleSterile Cannula Piercing NeedleRetail Price: $3.44Your Price: $2.99
H2ocean Mouthwash 8 Fl Oz, Cleaning And Healing SolutionH2ocean Mouthwash 8 Fl Oz, Cleaning And Healing SolutionRetail Price: $13.80Your Price: $12.00
Slotted Navel ClampSlotted Navel ClampRetail Price: $13.79Your Price: $11.99
Pennington TweezersPennington TweezersRetail Price: $10.34Your Price: $8.99
Dermal Anchor Surface Anchor Locking Holding ToolDermal Anchor Surface Anchor Locking Holding ToolRetail Price: $13.79Your Price: $11.99
Navel TweezersNavel TweezersRetail Price: $10.34Your Price: $8.99
7-Piece Belly Button Piercing Starter Kit7-Piece Belly Button Piercing Starter KitRetail Price: $29.89Your Price: $25.99
Tongue Piercing ForcepsTongue Piercing ForcepsRetail Price: $13.79Your Price: $11.99