Male piercing

Searching for stylish and comfortable jewelry for male intimate piercing? You've already found what you need! We offer you a wide choice of durable and up-to-date plugs, straight and circular barbells, captive bead rings and other magnificent jewelry in best quality materials. A variety of designs is to your disposal to make your frenum piercing, Prince Albert piercing or other type of male piercing look elegant and stylish. Our male piercing jewelry is of high quality and you'll feel totally safe and comfortable wearing it. Make your sexual life more expressive, vivid and open new horizons for you and your partner! Enjoy the beauty and durability of our male jewelry at the lowest prices available!

Male piercing: 433 items
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Spring wire captive ring, 10 gaSpring wire captive ring, 10 gaRetail Price: $8.04Your Price: $6.99
Titanium anodized segment ring, 14 gaTitanium anodized segment ring, 14 gaRetail Price: $10.34Your Price: $8.99
Straight barbell with striped balls, 14 gaStraight barbell with striped balls, 14 gaRetail Price: $3.44Your Price: $2.99
Eye ball curved barbell, 14 gaEye ball curved barbell, 14 gaRetail Price: $3.44Your Price: $2.99
Lozenge straight barbell, 14 gaLozenge straight barbell, 14 gaRetail Price: $8.04Your Price: $6.99
10 Gauge Circular Barbell10 Gauge Circular BarbellRetail Price: $9.19Your Price: $7.99
Glitter ball titanium straight barbell, 16 gaGlitter ball titanium straight barbell, 16 gaRetail Price: $8.04Your Price: $6.99