14 Gauge Belly Rings

We are glad to offer you a magnificent collection of 14ga belly ring! 14 gauge belly jewelry is .064 inches (1.628 millimeters) thick. It is the common type of belly button jewelry. 14ga belly ring are comfortable to wear, they are securely hold in the place and are unlikely to cause any skin irritation and be removed. In our collection you'll find elegant and gorgeous gold belly rings accented with pearl, topaz, citrine, diamond, garnet, opal and other magnificent gemstones. We also offer you antique style chandelier belly rings, funny colorful holiday rings, stylish animal and sexy playboy belly rings of 14 gauge size. Enjoy our huge selection and the comfort of our 14ga belly rings at the lowest prices available!

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14k Gold (Nickel free) Ruby Checkered Gem Navel Ring, 14 ga14k Gold (Nickel free) Ruby Checkered Gem Navel Ring, 14 gaRetail Price: $172.50
Your Price: $150.00
Reversed chandelier belly button ringReversed chandelier belly button ringRetail Price: $17.24
Your Price: $14.99
Sunburst belly button ring, hinged!Sunburst belly button ring, hinged!Retail Price: $17.24
Your Price: $14.99